Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration. 

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Stop and ask yourself...

"Have I done all the homework first?"

 "Have I thoroughly read the Q&A and fully understand what is expected of clientele?"

Remember, you are here to SERVE ME... Not make My life more challenging. While I am a relatively relaxed Dominatrix, and will answer relevant questions, I do not tolerate people wasting My time. I try to reply to most emails within 24-48hrs but I'm a very busy Mistress. Do not "re-email" Me if I haven't

 replied yet to your first email and, for the love of Goddess, do not send Me a novel.

Keep it short and sweet!

Now, think you're REALLY ready to contact Me?

Take a deep breath, hit the send button, and buckle up!

We're going on kinky ride...


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