Do I offer virtual sessions?

Yes! I offer Skype and Jitsi video calls, and I find them to be quite enjoyable... Especially now that we cannot be together.  

Tribute is $50/15mins (30 Min minimum) and required before the start of the session.

I still require references and deposits if we've never met, and My boundaries are the same as they would be in person. 

I'm also now selling custom photos $25 for 5 photos... Which can be a fun way to spice up your day! 

Where do I take sessions?

 I'm available for sessions at a lovely Oakland dungeon or a gorgeous SOMA location.

I also love to travel, so contact Me if you're interested in arranging an out-of-town session. 

When am I available?

My availability is limited and varies, contact Me directly for availability. I generally need a week's notice, and cannot accommodate same-day bookings. 


What's My tribute? 


 Bay Area tribute is $350/hr

My rates fluctuate for other cities

What's the deposit and cancellation fee for?

I require a non-negotiable $100/Hr deposit for new clients and all outcall sessions. These can be sent by CashApp to $SadieHex

or Venmo to SadieHex.

The deposit is to ensure you are not wasting My time. 

Cancellations with 48hrs notice or greater can either have the deposit refunded, or it can be held for a future booking within a month of the original date. Cancellations with less than 48hrs notice will mean the deposit is forfeited and I strongly recommend that you still send the full tribute to stay in My good graces. 

What do I expect from you?

First and foremost, respect My time. Do not bombard Me with messages or emails full of pointless information.  Be clear and concise when you contact Me.

I am a professional and I expect you to treat Me as such. I also expect transparency from you about your desires and hard limits, your health and any concerns that are relevant to Me. 

What do I want in a submissive?

I accept applications from submissive clients who desire to become a better, happier person through servitude. 

If you're ready and willing to commit to doing the work, then go read My sub coaching and training information. 

Do I offer coaching to clients who are not submissive? 

Of course! It just depends on your goals and if they align with My values.

Why do I require references?

I ask for at least 2 references from other professional providers to keep Myself safe, and if you are a good client, I will gladly be a future reference for you... Include an email or phone number for Me to contact them, and make sure to that they've given you permission to use them as a reference!  

What if you're a newbie, or have no references?

Well then, lucky you! I love helping new people divulge their carnal desires and dive into wild world of kink! If you do not have references, whether it be because you're new or not, I may require a larger deposit and/or a pre-session phone call to discuss My expectations of you.


How can you send Me a gift?

I accept gifts of cash & gift cards sent to PO BOX 3862, Oakland, CA 94609. Check with Me via before sending anything else

and I will give you approval (if it's something I desire and/or have a use for). 

 I  appreciate gifts of monetary donation sent to these organizations the most! 

-St. James Infirmary

-Punks with Lunch-

-Moms 4 Housing-

-Border Angels-

Can you take Me on a date? Or have a vanilla session with Me?

 Sure! Let Me show you a more intimate side of Myself at My favorite restaurant or art museum... if I really like you, I might even take you to see some live music!

Tribute is the same as listed above, but My transportation, food, and any other costs are to be paid by you. 

What are My hard limits and boundaries?

I do not engage in any illegal sexual activity.

I do not allow you to touch anything normally covered by a bikini, or any part of My body without explicit permission. I reserve the right to keep My clothing on at all times, if I so desire. I also reserve the right to change My boundaries at My discretion, and to end the session if I feel that you are violating My boundaries.

Who are My favorite Mistresses to double with?

Like most other Dominatrixes, I LOVE to session with other providers.

Here's some highly reputable Mistresses that I very much enjoy playing with!

Where can you find Me on social media?

Do I see women, couples and gender non-conforming clients? 

ABSOLUTELY!! I'm queer, and genuinely love to get freaky with all kinds of people. 

How do you contact Me?

See the "Contact Me" page.


Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration. 

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