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This training is ONLY for dedicated, submissive clients who are ready to fully commit to becoming their best selves.

If you're a fetishist or masochist, I'd still enjoy hearing from you, but kindly look at My activities list instead. 


 I'm now offering feminist-based coaching* as a part of My submissive training protocol! To be approved for this training, each client must first have a hour-long phone or Skype consultation with Me, the fee for which is $200. During this initial conversation, we will discuss your goals and any previous submissive training you may have along with any relevant past experiences that may shape our work together. We will also discuss what you do for work, the amount of time you can commit, the skills I plan to implement in the training and any limitations or reservations you may have. Every submissive is trained differently and accordingly to the goals that they want to achieve. Here' s some examples... 

- Finding your life purpose

- Learning how to "let go" and have fun again

- Fitness motivation

- Becoming a better and more helpful lover, partner or spouse

- Learning how to respect other humans

- Reconnecting with your artistic  side

 Because each training is customized to each person, I will determine the price of your sessions after we've had our first consultation. I require a minimum of a 3-month commitment, and the retainer fee is due at the start of the month. I take this training very seriously, and will put hours of work into guiding you on your transformative journey. Therefore, I expect you to take this just as seriously, and I do not tolerate any slacking!

A reminder: I'm not a therapist, but a Dominatrix offering coaching as one form of submissive training. If I feel that your needs are best matched with a trained therapist, I will not accept you as a client. 

* Through My feminist coaching, I will push you to achieve your goals while using humbling intersectional feminist theory, mindfulness,  power exchange, and other BDSM activities (within the range of your hard limits).

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