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COVID Update

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hello there~

I'm super excited to let you know I'll be resuming in person sessions starting in September. I'm only taking ONE in-person session every 2 weeks. Absolutely NO same day booking.

you must show proof that you've been tested for COVID within 7 days before our appointment, sign a COVID waiver form, and I will be checking temps/ O2 sats at the door. People with a fever or low oxygen saturation will have to reschedule. I am charging a hazard fee, making My tribute $400/hr and deposits are required for every session.

For any deposit questions re-read My website Q&A! 

Some activities will be left up to Me such as body worship... Wet body worship is off limits at this time! I will also ask that you wear a mask at all times in My presence, unless I state otherwise, and I reserve the right to wear a mask as well. 

I can't wait to give some well overdue beatings, and hard earned affection...


Sadie Hex

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